Looking for sales partners for Kikuzo


Kikuzo is increasingly used in medical schools and nursing departments in Japan. Its high sound quality and portability have complemented auscultation training of simulators, and it is highly regarded as a device that can be easily used by OSCE. Kikuzo is easy to use for personal learning and online education.







・The Kikuzo has won the “Japan e-Learning Award, EdTech Special Award 2018”.
・We outsource the production of Kikuzo to Pioneer Corporation (Japan), a world-famous sound manufacturer.


If you would like, please contact us.


CEO Kiyoshi Fujiki

Telemedica Inc.

mailto: Kikuzo.Partners@telemedica.co.jp


There are a lot of human like sounds on the

Auscultation portal site Kikuzosound.com


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