Auscultation Site Recording Feature

Using iPax, the auscultation sites are recorded and can be viewed immediately.

Artificially created video by ChatGPT@HeyGen

Sample of Recorded Auscultation Sites

1.Auscultation Site Recording Feature

  • The sites auscultated by students are recorded.
  • The auscultated sites are color-coded.
  • The longer the auscultation time, the darker the color displayed.

2.Individually Recorded for Each Student

  • Auscultation sites are recorded for each student.
  • They are saved on the management server and can be viewed at any time.

3.Integrated with Quizzes

  • When using iPax quizzes, the auscultation sites are also recorded.
  • It is possible to evaluate by overlaying the answers with the auscultation sites.
  • This helps to understand the students’ level of comprehension.

4.Easy Operation

  • No special settings are required.
  • Recording is completed simply by pressing the “Finish” button after students use iPax.
  • It is immediately clear who auscultated where.

5.World’s First Revolutionary System

  • This is a unique feature of iPax that has never been seen before.
  • It is the world’s first system, and we are applying for a global patent.