Types of Services and Usage Forms

iPax can be used not only on the dedicated website but also via PPT, QR code, and iframe.

Artificially created video by ChatGPT@HeyGen

Four Types of iPax

1.Log in to the dedicated web page

・No special software installation is required.
・Available anytime, anywhere.
・Accessible from any device.

・Dedicated page TOP|kikuzosound.com


・Convenient for lectures and presentations.
・Creates an effective learning environment that captures students’ interest.


・Internet connection is required.

・Please use external speakers (sound may not be audible with PC speakers).

・May not work depending on the PPT version and computer environment.

・Download PowerPoint here.

3.QR Code

・You can distribute auscultation cases of heart and lung sounds.
・Easily access auscultation cases from smartphones and tablets.
・Expands the scope of education.

iPax Normal Heart Sounds and Normal Lung Sounds

4.iframe|Learning Management System (LMS)

・It can be integrated into the LMS currently used by educational institutions (e.g., Moodle).

・iframe syntax information is here.