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Ausculaide is Your Own Personal Simulator

You have to listen to a lot of sounds to learn auscultation techniques. Even if you learn auscultation through clinical training or simulation training, unfortunately it is difficult to review them at home. Ausculaide madkes this possible.

*Auscultation aide = Ausculaide


The cardiology patient simulator “K” was developed in 1993.

In 1997, on this study and its educational effectiveness were

reported in CARDIOLOGY, many university medical schools,

schools of nursing, and other educational institutions have been using this simulator for their educational activities throughout the world.


The advance in diagnostic instruments using high technology has been remarkable in the last few decades. However, there is a tendency for many clinicians to become too dependent on these highly sophisticated instruments and to forget the importance of bedside clinical skills.  I believe that we have an inborn remarkable sensor to recognize “organ language” and are able to find out, even minor variation of physical findings, such as heart sounds or murmurs.

The Ausculaide (auscultation aide) is used as an exciting teaching tool , whenever and wherever  the self-learning of auscultation is needed. Please start with normal heart sounds and advance to each case at your own pace. So, you will be able to recognize various abnormal sounds and murmurs. The “Ausculaide” will be a great auscultation aide for you.

October 29.2019


1.You can hear realistic heart sounds (LIFELIKE HEART SOUNDS) just like real patients.

2.Depending on the part of the body, you can hear different sounds so you can learn practical  skills sooner.

3.You will understand each sound deeply through the explanation and the heart chart.

4.The 23 cases covered will give you the ability to make a differential diagnosis.

5.You can learn in both English and Japanese

6.You can feel the thrill by Kikuzo (special speaker).



The more you listen, the better your auscultation skills will be!

Feature 1. You can listen to realistic heart sounds (Alive Heart Sound for Auscultation) that are the same as real patients.


With the aim of achieving the highest sound quality of heart sounds, we used our original sound mixing technology to develop heart sounds and heart murmurs that have the same frequency as actual patients. We checked the sound quality and noise of each part of the auscultation with a supervisor, adjusted the balance between parts, and adjusted the sound quality, volume, and timing throughout all of the cases. You can listen to Alive Heart Sound and murmur cases on your smartphone. The editorial supervisor is Dr. Tsunekazu Takashina (President of the Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society and the Founder cardiacdisease patient simulator”K”), a cardiologist who has been active in Japan and overseas for many years and is still engaged in clinical bedside physicalexaminations.


Feature 2. Ability to practice with different sounds depending on the part of body

All cases have four sounds. When you tap the trunk of the screen illustration, the chest piece icon moves to that part and you start listening to heart sounds.  You can also hear, the crescendo of the sound at the maximum point, as well as the farther away it is, the decrescendo of the sound. It’s just like examining an actual patient.

You can also press the “A, P, T, M” buttons at the bottom of the screen to move the icon to the correct position. The following screen shows the screen when you press the A, P, T or M site from the left.



Feature 3. Sound comprehension deepens through listening to explanations on auscultatory findings and phonocardiogram


The case screen displays a description of auscultation findings and phonocardiograms. The explanation and the phonocardiogram will further deepen your understanding. We also have the Ausculaide guidebook (sold separately). The guidebook includes descriptions of the heart sound simulation method (Cardiophonetics), which explains the mechanism of heart murmurs and sound symbols.


Feature 4. Twenty three cases of basic cardiac differential diagnosis

It carries 23 representative cases of heart sounds and heart murmurs.


Feature 5. Use the contents in both English and Japanese.

All cases of Ausculaide are available in English and  Japanese. If you purchase a case in the Japanese mode, the English version of the case is still available. Select “Menu” → “Settings” → “Change Language” .


Feature 6. Experience thrills

Regenerating cases of an Ausculaide heart murmur, we can feel the thrill of the silicon face on a Kikuzo (Sold separately). It’s just as thrilling as touching a real patient.


Free download from the App Store


Requires iOS 9.0 or later, Android5.0 or later

New release on October 29, 2019



There are a lot of human like sounds on the

Auscultation portal site


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