Alive Heart Sound for Auscultation

Ausculaide web edition

Telemedica has released training app for medical institutions to support the stagnation of medical education caused by COVID -19.

You can listen the ausculaide web-application for education of medical student.

Ausculaide Supervisor   T.Takashina (MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA)


Ex. Case Normal heart sound (NHS)

Click the link below. NHS case is opned.

NHS case is HERE

※When you listen Ausculaide, please use a Kikuzo-speaker or earphones.

※It’s available on all devices.


You need a password to use it. Please contact telemedica.

日本語Web版 1.4はこちら

English edition1.4 is  here

About Ausculaide here

Smartphone App ( in-app billing )



Extra version 2.0 is  here


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